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Meta-Hatchiyack by DBZ2010 Meta-Hatchiyack by DBZ2010
Meta-Hatchiyack looks cool. Dr. Raichi found Chip of the Big Gete Star on Namek Planet. While in Dragon Ball AF. Dr. Raichi use Chip of the Big Gete Star put it in Super Computer check out Chip of the Big Gete Star is absorbing and assimilating debris. Dr. Raichi saw it then had an idea. He took Hatchiyack near death put in machine. Then Super Computer with Chip of the Big Gete Star are smart to know how to absorbing and assimilating debris to make him into machine to new one. Hatchiyack start healful to make change back body and metallic cover to make hatchiyack's body.
Hatchiyack start to wake then look at body It made him happy. Dr. Raichi explain to him to know what happen then he called him Meta-Hatchiyack. Also Meta-Hatchiyack can transformations like Giant Form, Multiple Form (Like clones), Super Form (Super Meta-Hatchiyack) Meta-Hatchiyack is hard defense, strongest, powerful. Meta-Hatchiyack have same techniques and special abilities and some new. (Full Power Energy Wave, Energy Wave Combo, Rapid Charge Counter, Ultimate Blow, Revenger Charge, Revenger Cannon hybrid Super Nova Cannon, Exploding Wave, Finger Blitz Barrrage, Full-Metal Avalanche, Instant Transmission, Super Ki Blast, Kiai Cannon, Lock-On Buster, Regeneration (Rebirth). I am good idea about Meta-Hatchiyack is new character.
DragonBallFan2012 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist
I like this idea of yours. Incredible. Meta-Hatchiyack's colors are amazing. :)
GoNZiTA77 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
metal or ice! it is good for both of them
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October 27, 2011
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